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Something is brewing – Ottakring is going
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Our candidates for Ottakring


I am a child of war born in 1941 and have witnessed firsthand the post-war period in the Russian district of Favoriten. I engaged in political work from an early age as an active member of youth organisations, such as the voluntary ecological year (FÖJ), Socialist Youth Austria (SJ) and the Trade Union Youth (Gewerkschaftsjugend). Since then, I am also a trade unionist. My career progressed from mechanic, to elevator technician, to evening student a technical vocational school. I then became a designer and finally a technical officer. In these positions I was also a member of the employees' council and a staff representative. For fifteen years I have been an activist in the Communist Party of Austria and for five years a district councillor in Ottakring, as well as a member of eight associations and on the board for four of them. In my residential complex I was on the tenant advisory board for two periods. I am grandfather to nine grandchildren in a patchwork family and my motto is: long live socialism, a better world is possible.


As the daughter in a migrant working-class family from a marginalised minority, I have been affected my whole life by multiple discriminations and injustices. From this stemmed my interest in understanding society and the unjust structures within it and was the reason I went on to study political science and become politically active. For me, the struggle for liberation and for a just world is intersectional and must therefore be lead collectively. For me, being LINKS means not only fighting the symptoms, but getting to the root of the problems in society.


We live in a crisis-ridden society. The Corona pandemic and the economic crisis have lead to reasonable existential fears. In times such as these, it is more evident than ever that our system only works well for the rich and large corporations. I think it is important to change that! I want to live in a society where no one is poor despite having a job, where no one can't find a job or doesn't have a roof over their head! That is why I am committed to a society outside of the mentality of profit!
Don't leave housing to the market – limit rents and expropriate real estate companies!

Our district program


Affordable housing for all

Ottakring is still one of the districts in Vienna where living is relatively affordable. But there is currently a lot of construction between Yppenplatz and the Ottakringer Brewery.

These new buildings mean rising rent prices, which more and more residents can no longer afford.

That is why we are calling for a rent cap and open access to social housing for all. Ottakring also needs more social and communal housing. Only this way can we guarantee living space stays affordable.


A safe life for all

The City Card is intended to give all people living in Vienna access to public services, regardless of their passport. For us, a life in safety means social reliability instead of an expansion of police controls.

Those often affect and humiliate people who are already struggling with racism, homelessness or poverty. We prefer to deal with these problems rather than bullying those affected.

Public transport

Good connections for all

Ottakring already has a quite good public transport system.

However, the tram lines 2 and 44 and the bus 10A are already reaching their limits. There is an urgent need for more frequent stop intervals.

There are also some residential areas on the outskirts of the city that are not yet sufficiently accessible. At night, the connections around the S45 are missing, as is the route of the 10A.

For us, attractive public transport means free ride, regular intervals and a comprehensive network. That is exactly what we are asking for Ottakring.

About LINKS Ottakring

Something is brewing – Ottakring is going LINKS!

The district group in Ottakring brings together a colourful mix of different people. Workers, unemployed people, students and pensioners, people of all genders, citizenships and origins.

We come from different political backgrounds and for some of us LINKS is our first time being politically active. We all agree that things cannot go on as they are now and that we need a new left-wing alternative.

As a district group, we are also lucky to have a district councilman in our group – Fritz Fink of Vienna andas. We usually meet every 1-2 weeks on varying days, mostly in volx*club on the Familienplatz. We have discussions on various political issues, we talk about the future work of LINKS and take action in the district and beyond.

The candidates

  1. Fritz Fink
  2. Sidal Keskin
  3. Heidi Rieder
  4. Elke Weißenborn
  5. Mag.a Nima Obaro
  6. Mag.a Karoline Rumpfhuber
  7. Alex Wiener
  8. Mag.a Angelika Adensamer, MSc
  9. Maria Sembera
  10. Dr. Karl Reitter
  11. Patrick Bongola
  12. Laura Sahan
  13. Konrad Pozniak
  14. Aida Bounab

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