LINKS in the chamber of labour!


Gemeinsam haben wir es geschafft! LINKS ist in der Arbeiter*innenkammer!

Wir gratulieren unseren frischgebackenen LINKS-Arbeiter*innenkammerrät*innen:

  • Diana Leah Möslinger
  • Florian Rath
  • Sheri Avraham
  • Mo Asghar

Zu 4. Werden sie gemeinsam die nächsten 5 Jahre für konsequent linke Politik sorgen!

Unsere Aktivist*innen haben unglaubliches geleistet und bei unserem ersten Antritt zur AK-Wahl gleich 2,5 Prozent der Stimmen geholt! Mit unseren Forderungen nach einer 30-Stunden-Vollzeit, mehrsprachigen Beratungsangeboten und Anlaufstellen auch für LGBTIAQ* Personen konnten wir 7.403 Menschen davon überzeugen, nicht nur überhaupt wählen zu gehen, sondern das Kreuzerl für LINKS zu machen!

DANKE an alle Aktivist*innen und Helferleins!

DANKE an alle Wähler*innen!

DANKE für diesen großen Erfolg!

List position 1:

Florian Rath

Florian Rath

Florian Rath is 26 years old and works at a sausage stand in Simmering. He was previously employed by an IT company where he founded a works council. He lost his job after an anti-union campaign.

Now he wants to fight for others in the AK. Flo is active in his neighbourhood, organizes German tutoring in the KPÖ Simmering pub, helps his neighbors deal with the authorities and organizes furniture transports to the Macondo refugee settlement. Flo knows that many people don’t have it easy.

The LINKS promise to redistribute the AK funding for social purposes when he takes office is therefore particularly important to him.

Flo is number 1 on the LINKS list.

Vote for Flo? Works!

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List position 2:

Diana Leah Möslinger

Diana Leah Möslinger

Diana Leah Möslinger is a professional driver in the motorcycle industry and volunteers to ensure that rallies run smoothly. Sound and technology are her hobbyhorses.

Amicable cooperation and consideration in the workplace have always been important to her; she can’t stand exploitation and abuse of power. In her workplaces, however, Diana has learned that women and queer people are always expected to cooperate more, while male colleagues are allowed to do as they please. This is why she has long been concerned with sexualized assaults and toxic masculinity and was also a member of the first “Anlaufstelle” at LINKS.
In the Chamber of Workers, Diana will work to ensure that the realities of people who do not conform to the heteronorm are also taken seriously.

Diana is 2nd on the LINKS list.

Vote for Diana? Works!

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List position 3:

Sheri Avraham

Sheri Avraham

Sheri Avraham is an artist, curator and performer and the AK election is the only election in Austria in which Sheri is allowed to vote. In her artistic and political work, Sheri campaigns for fair pay for artists and cultural workers.

Sheri is fighting for the implementation of Fair Pay – and much more: Sheri is passionate about the radical transformation of liberal capitalism and the abolition of legal oppression and discrimination based on class, racialization, anti-Semitism, gender or the way work is done – full rights for all!

The Chamber of Workers in Vienna currently has far too little experience with the needs of arts and cultural workers to understand the problem sufficiently. With Sheri, we are now bringing this experience to the AK.

Sheri is 3rd on the LINKS list.

Vote for Sheri? Works!

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List position 4:

Mo Asghar

Mo Asghar

Mo Asghar works in the kitchen at McDonald’s. He has been living in Austria for 8 years without a permanent residence permit and volunteers as an interpreter at the LINKS social counselling service. The AK election is the only election in Austria in which Mo is entitled to vote! In his free time, Mo is often out and about in the city, checking out what’s going on, cooking, playing (and teaching) chess, tailoring and meeting friends.

Mo is a multi-talented person who always thinks about the future first – about how the children of today will live tomorrow. Many differences will always remain, says Mo, so it is important to talk to each other, meet up, look for common ground and defend it: against war and for human rights, against cars and concrete and for health and recreation.

Politicians who don’t work in favour of the people and a good future should give up their job and mind their own business, says Mo, especially if they only have hate and anger on their minds.

Mo is 4th on the LINKS list.

Vote for Mo? Works!

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List position 5:

Heidi Rieder

Heidi Rieder

Heidi Rieder is a massage therapist and has first-hand knowledge of working conditions in the healthcare sector for 10 years. Heidi has been politically active her entire adult life; today alongside her full-time job, in the past alongside training, internships or unpaid voluntary work.

The fight against capitalism is central to her life. A good life for all will only be possible under communism, says Heidi, and she has been campaigning for this for a long time – now also in the Chamber of Workers.

Her most important project there will be the fight for the automatic adjustment of wages to inflation as a lower limit.

Heidi is 5th on the LINKS list.

Vote for Heidi? Works!

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Life is for living! Our productivity has doubled since the 1970s, a reduction in working hours is long overdue and feasible. LINKS is fighting with the AK for a reduction in working hours to 30 hours per week with full wage and staff compensation and 7 weeks’ holiday per year for everyone.


LINKS will campaign for the AK to set up its own budget pot to finance declaratory actions against agencies that place bogus self-employed workers.


With LINKS, the AK will fight for free naturalisation – and until then, will cover the costs of naturalisation for its members itself.


We will ensure that the AK offers its counselling and information services in all languages commonly spoken in Vienna and provides translations of labour and collective agreements.


Against the gender pay gap and poverty in old age! AK mit LINKS is fighting for fair pay through complete wage transparency in the world of work and a minimum pension of €1,800. The inclusion of partners’ income in minimum benefits should be abolished.


We are creating an independent contact point in the AK where sexual harassment can be reported and stopped. The AK will also work together with the Vienna Anti-Discrimination Office for LGBTIQ Affairs (WASt) and the Ombud for Equal Treatment (GAW). WASt and GAW will be supported by the AK in the fight against discrimination; the AK will cover any litigation and legal costs. The AK will employ more trans and non-binary counsellors and develop guidelines for companies on how to deal with trans and non-binary people in the workplace – even before the legal change of civil status and name.


If we are to succeed in radically reducing emissions and shouldering climate change together in solidarity, we need a democratisation of the economy. LINKS is committed to a beautiful, just, democratic and enjoyable future for all, which also requires our joint efforts, to which even such a large interest group as the AK must politically utilise everything at its disposal.


Housing is a basic right. With LINKS, the AK is fighting for statutory upper limits for rents in all rented flats. We want to abolish fixed-term tenancy agreements. In addition, the AK will set up a fund of 10 million euros, which will be used to prevent forced evictions.

What is the AK?

Many people know the AK as a service organisation: a place to turn to if you have a problem at work. Although the AK offers advice on labour law issues, it is also much more than that. The AK is the democratically elected representative of all employees in Austria. The political direction of the AK is decided in the AK General Assembly. This is why the AK General Assembly is often referred to as the parliament of employees. This is exactly where we as LINKS want to go and shake things up!

When and where is the AK election?

The 2024 general election will take place from 10 to 23 April. If you work in a larger company, you will probably be able to cast your vote in person on one or more days during this period. For more detailed information, it is best to ask your works council. If you work in a smaller company, do not have a works council or there is no election in your company for other reasons, you will automatically be sent a letter with a polling card.

If an election is taking place at your company, you can also apply for a postal voting card yourself if you are unable to vote on election day for whatever reason. You can get more information about this from the AK election office.

If you vote by polling card, your polling card can arrive as early as April 2nd.

Who can vote LINKS in the 2024 general election?

You can also vote in the AK election if you are not an Austrian citizen. You just have to have been a member of the AK on the cut-off date, 3 January 2024.

LINKS is only running in Vienna. You must therefore be a member of the Vienna Chamber of Labour in order to vote for LINKS. Members of the Vienna Chamber of Labour are employees who work in Vienna and unemployed people who live in Vienna.

Am I a member of AK?

If you receive the AK Vienna magazine every month, you are a member of AK Vienna.

However, you may not receive the magazine and still be an AK member (perhaps because the AK does not know your current address or you were mean to your postman or -woman). In this case, it is worth reading this page to the end.

AK members are basically all employees. That means blue-collar workers, white-collar workers and co.

This explicitly includes:

  • Unemployed, if
    • they have left an employment relationship subject to unemployment insurance in the last 52 weeks in which they were employed for more than 20 weeks OR
    • for various reasons still receive money from unemployment insurance after 52 weeks
  • Public servants, both civil servants and contract staff
  • Employees of all public corporations
  • Presidents and executives of interest groups, if the professional group represented belongs to the AK
  • Employees of cooperatives in agriculture and forestry with 5 or more employees in sawmills, resin processing plants, mills and dairies
  • Home workers
  • Freelance employees (also marginal)

However, AK members are not:

  • Direct employees at federal, state and municipal level working in
    • the judiciary and the executive
    • Teaching and educational institutions
    • Archives
    • Libraries
    • Museums
    • scientific institutions
  • Employees in agricultural and forestry operations
  • Managing directors and board members in corporations (GmbH or AG)
  • Senior executives with influence on the management of the company
  • Doctors
  • Trainee lawyers
  • Patent attorney trainees
  • Notary candidates
  • Trainee chartered accountants
  • Pharmaceutical specialists in pharmacies
  • Religious pastors and members of religious orders without compulsory health insurance (except Protestants)

If you are still not sure whether you are a member of the Vienna Chamber of Labour, you can also simply call the AK and ask: +43 1 501 65 0.

Why is LINKS running in the AK elections?

The AK General Assembly, the so-called parliament of employees, is elected in the AK elections. We want to campaign for a better life for all in the AK General Assembly. We want the AK to better represent the interests of all employees, including those in the most precarious working and living conditions. We want to push the AK towards a combative course, strengthen the AK from within and do our part to fend off attacks on the AK.

Non-Austrian citizens can also vote in the AK elections. We take the AK election seriously – if only because many people who are not allowed to vote in other elections are taken seriously in the AK election. Since our foundation, we have demanded the right to vote for everyone who lives here. The AK election is the most important election in Austria in which this demand is at least partially realised.

In the 2024 National Council elections, over 33% of Viennese will not be allowed to vote because they are not Austrian citizens.

By voting for LINKS in the AK elections, you enable us to use the AK General Assembly as a mouthpiece for anti-racist, queer-feminist, climate-just and anti-capitalist politics.

Why should I vote LINKS?

Since the Vienna elections in 2020, many different people at LINKS have been engaged in continuous voluntary work in campaigning and social politics in grassroots campaigning and social politics. We campaign against all forms of discrimination and consistently stand up for climate and distributive justice. We make our voices heard for these issues – with creative activism, at demonstrations and in district parliaments. We revitalise our neighbourhoods, distribute free meals and offer advice on social benefits in public spaces. We support movements; for example, the protest camp in Lobau against the “Stadtstraße” in 2021 or the trade union movement during the annual wage negotiations.

LINKS does not stand for business as usual. Our policies provide answers to major crises, such as the climate crisis, the democratic deficit in Vienna and the excessively high cost of living. Our answers are more radical than those of other parties, but the reality is also radical. In a city where many people spend half their income on rent, an unemployment benefit of 55% of net salary is radically unfair.

This system must change fundamentally – for you, for others, for everyone. This is possible and necessary. That is what we are committed to.

A vote for the LEFT is never a lost vote, especially not in the labour elections.

There is no percentage hurdle in the AK elections – whoever receives enough votes for a mandate is elected. The SPÖ-affiliated FSG group currently holds almost two thirds of the seats in the AK General Assembly. This is not expected to change in 2024.

We do not believe in high and non-transparent subsidies for parties and other campaigning groups. When we enter the AK General Assembly, we will publicise how much money we receive and use the funding transparently for social purposes.

03 Januar 2024

Collecting declarations of support

From 3 to 17 January, declarations of support for LINKS can be submitted to the AK election.

03 Januar 2024
07 April 2024

Deadline for voting card application

If you are unable to go to the polls at your company, you should apply for a polling card now at the latest.

07 April 2024
10 April 2024

First election day

Elections are held in companies between 10 and 23 April. Exactly when elections are held varies from company to company. Some companies do not hold elections in person at all. If you are entitled to vote and there is no election in your company, you will automatically receive a postal voting card.

10 April 2024
23 April 2024

Last election day

The last elections in companies will take place on 23 April. Please note: you must also hand in your postal voting card by 23 April at the latest if you have received one.

23 April 2024

An election campaign costs money. Even as an anti-capitalist force, we are unfortunately not exempt from this.

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