left to right: Diana Möslinger, Stefan Ohrhallinger, Berry Maletzky, Heidi Rieder, Mo Aschar, Flo Rath, Monika Mokre, Dr. Carina Karner, Christin Spormann, Beatrice Signorello, Sheri Avraham, Stefan Sabler

List position 1:

Florian Rath

Florian Rath

Florian Rath is 26 years old and works at a sausage stand in Simmering. He was previously employed by an IT company where he founded a works council. He lost his job after an anti-union campaign.

Now he wants to fight for others in the AK. Flo is active in his neighbourhood, organizes German tutoring in the KPÖ Simmering pub, helps his neighbors deal with the authorities and organizes furniture transports to the Macondo refugee settlement. Flo knows that many people don’t have it easy.

The LINKS promise to redistribute the AK funding for social purposes when he takes office is therefore particularly important to him.

Flo is number 1 on the LINKS list.

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List position 2:

Diana Leah Möslinger

Diana Leah Möslinger

Diana Leah Möslinger is a professional driver in the motorcycle industry and volunteers to ensure that rallies run smoothly. Sound and technology are her hobbyhorses.

Amicable cooperation and consideration in the workplace have always been important to her; she can’t stand exploitation and abuse of power. In her workplaces, however, Diana has learned that women and queer people are always expected to cooperate more, while male colleagues are allowed to do as they please. This is why she has long been concerned with sexualized assaults and toxic masculinity and was also a member of the first “Anlaufstelle” at LINKS.
In the Chamber of Workers, Diana will work to ensure that the realities of people who do not conform to the heteronorm are also taken seriously.

Diana is 2nd on the LINKS list.

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List position 3:

Sheri Avraham

Sheri Avraham

Sheri Avraham is an artist, curator and performer and the AK election is the only election in Austria in which Sheri is allowed to vote. In her artistic and political work, Sheri campaigns for fair pay for artists and cultural workers.

Sheri is fighting for the implementation of Fair Pay – and much more: Sheri is passionate about the radical transformation of liberal capitalism and the abolition of legal oppression and discrimination based on class, racialization, anti-Semitism, gender or the way work is done – full rights for all!

The Chamber of Workers in Vienna currently has far too little experience with the needs of arts and cultural workers to understand the problem sufficiently. With Sheri, we are now bringing this experience to the AK.

Sheri is 3rd on the LINKS list.

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List position 4:

Mo Asghar

Mo Asghar

Mo Asghar works in the kitchen at McDonald’s. He has been living in Austria for 8 years without a permanent residence permit and volunteers as an interpreter at the LINKS social counselling service. The AK election is the only election in Austria in which Mo is entitled to vote! In his free time, Mo is often out and about in the city, checking out what’s going on, cooking, playing (and teaching) chess, tailoring and meeting friends.

Mo is a multi-talented person who always thinks about the future first – about how the children of today will live tomorrow. Many differences will always remain, says Mo, so it is important to talk to each other, meet up, look for common ground and defend it: against war and for human rights, against cars and concrete and for health and recreation.

Politicians who don’t work in favour of the people and a good future should give up their job and mind their own business, says Mo, especially if they only have hate and anger on their minds.

Mo is 4th on the LINKS list.

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List position 5:

Heidi Rieder

Heidi Rieder

Heidi Rieder is a massage therapist and has first-hand knowledge of working conditions in the healthcare sector for 10 years. Heidi has been politically active her entire adult life; today alongside her full-time job, in the past alongside training, internships or unpaid voluntary work.

The fight against capitalism is central to her life. A good life for all will only be possible under communism, says Heidi, and she has been campaigning for this for a long time – now also in the Chamber of Workers.

Her most important project there will be the fight for the automatic adjustment of wages to inflation as a lower limit.

Heidi is 5th on the LINKS list.

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List position 6:

Monika Mokre

Monika Mokre

Monika Mokre is a political scientist and works as council chairwoman at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. She is scientifically and politically active in the areas of asylum, migration and prisons.

Monika has been asking herself for a long time: Who is excluded politically and socially and why? And how can we fight together in solidarity against exclusion for a better society? As a works council member, she is particularly committed to protecting precarious colleagues and fighting discrimination.

And in the Chamber of Labor, she wants to fight to end precarity once and for all – in the academic sector and beyond.

Monika is 6th on the LINKS list.

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List position 7:

Christin Spormann

Christin Spormann

Christin Spormann comes from a working-class family in Berlin, is a district councillor in Penzing, has three jobs and a degree and wants to see a militant, activist, anti-capitalist, queer-feminist left in the AK. Work is a cornerstone of our society and it is extremely unjust, unequal and exploitative. Christin wants change that is dynamic, brings new ideas, excites and annoys.

Christin knows from her family members, who lost a lot in the 1990s after the fall of the Berlin Wall, how important good trade unions are, and how much we lack them in Austria due to too few demands and too much complacency on the part of officials. Something has to change fundamentally, says Christin.

Christin is 7th on the LINKS list.

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List position 8:

Berry Maletzky

Berry Maletzky

Berry Maletzky is non-binary, openly queer, currently unemployed and says he’s fed up. He feels screwed over by wage negotiations that only ever result in real wage losses, where negotiations are made by so-called social democrats (mostly cis men) who are often not even affected by the agreements themselves. And this despite the fact that employee representatives such as the Chamber of Labor could of course also stand up for the unemployed in addition to fighting for higher wages – and for a better standard of living for everyone!

The AK should finally be a place for real solidarity with all people again. For the unemployed, queers and people in the social sector.

Berry is 8th on the LINKS list.

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List position 9:

Beatrice Signorello

Beatrice Signorello

Beatrice Signorello is 30 years old and feels half Italian, half Viennese. Bea is a mathematician, programmer and photographer. In her art, she deals with everyday culture and social issues. She has also worked with the Chamber of Labor, whose significance for different areas of life she knows well.

With getting LINKS in the AK, Bea wants to continue precisely those political struggles that have led to Vienna becoming so unique in the first place. Solidarity and justice cannot be taken for granted and have to be fought for every day, says Bea, and LINKS in der AK is a particularly good way of doing this.

Bea is 9th on the LINKS list.

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In addition to the nine top candidates, there are 43 other people on the LINKS list in solidarity:

  • Kurto Wendt
  • Julia Staud
  • Amela Pokorski
  • Stefan Sabler
  • Maria Kohen
  • Farhat Azami
  • Jakob Fürst
  • Sebastian Elisa Pfeifer
  • Himali Pathirana
  • Stefan Ohrhallinger
  • Noah Essl
  • Amsel Miesenberger
  • Andras Daradics
  • Angelika Adensamer
  • Anna László
  • Anton Tantner
  • Ariel Simulevski
  • Benjamin Traugott
  • Carina Karner
  • Cordula Beck
  • Elisabeth Profanter
  • Elwira Schlesinger
  • Farahnaz Amirnia
  • Flora Lola Fath Ruiz
  • Florian Gecse
  • Florian Rogger
  • Georg Beischlager
  • Hannah Rambausek
  • Heide Hammer
  • Hussein Kaywan
  • Isa Knilli
  • Jessica Gasior
  • Mari Mikanik
  • Michael Aldo Poscoleri-Kegele
  • Mohammad Salehi
  • Mohammed Ehsan Bathri
  • Noushin Yousefi
  • Patrick Liebl
  • Pedro del Real Lavergne
  • Philipp Polzhofer
  • Roman Gutsch
  • Sascha Büchi
  • Thomas Schöpp

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